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NBA Talk: Dwight Howard to LA?

Dwight Howard to LA?

And we thought the sweepstakes for Dwight Howard were turned off for a little bit.. League sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard, that a deal that would send Howard to LA, is ‘very close’ to be getting done and could be agreed upon Friday. In the four-team deal, sources told ESPN’s Chris Broussard that Howard and Nuggets forward Al Harrington would go to Los Angeles, Lakers forward Pau Gasol and Nuggets guard Arron Afflalo would go to the Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers guard Andre… Continue reading »

Video: NBA Season In Review

Well, what a season it was. Life is so boring now a days. Just 85 more days until we can enjoy some NBA basketball.

Wonder About My Thunder: Harden Wants To Stay In OKC

Harden Staying

With the reigning 6th man of the year, James Harden, gaining interest from almost all teams around the league, Harden clearly wants to come back to Oklahoma City. Harden and Ibaka will both be restricted free agents in 2013,  so the Thunder can offer both of them an extension. However, with both players playing in the Olympics, it seems as if things are frozen with their agents and Sam Presti. The only thing we know now is that Harden wants to be… Continue reading »

Wonder About My Thunder: Week In Review Volume 2

KD and James

For how boring the past week or so has been around the NBA, news with the Thunder involved, hasn’t been so rare as of late. When it comes to news as of late, the Thunder have been making some noise. From KD coming out with his movie trailer, to the Olympics, this Thunder team has been fairly busy. What could possibly be going on in August for the Thunder? On Saturday, the Thunder went out and signed Oklahoma City native,… Continue reading »

Hello Brooklyn

Hello Brooklyn

As free-agency starts to die down it’s about that time where teams start to think about rotations and training camp. While some teams started to re-build this summer, others looked to improve and make the next step. The team that made the biggest step; the Brooklyn Nets. Although Dwight Howard may not have ended up in a Nets jersey, the Nets still brought in some quality talent and depth. The Nets acquired 6-time all-star, Joe Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks,… Continue reading »

Wonder About My Thunder: Not So Fast


Sometimes in the NBA, teams that reach the NBA Finals one year will then come into the next season with the mindset of just breezing by their conference. Not so fast. Similar to the Lakers after they lost in the 2004 NBA Finals, as they came back the next year not even making the playoffs. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to the Thunder. I mean, I can’t see the Thunder not making the playoffs next year but I hope Oklahoma City doesn’t… Continue reading »

Wonder About My Thunder: Week In Review

Phoenix Suns v Oklahoma City Thunder

89. 89 days untill the NBA season tips off. Yes, I do have a countdown going down in my head, don’t judge. As free-agency dies down, the Thunder has had basically nothing going on besides the Olympics. However, there have been minor things going on in the past week or so: Don’t get me started on how stupid it is for fans to be worried about this is but James Harden was asked if he’d consider playing with the Suns… Continue reading »

Nate Robinson vs. John Lucas III: Napoleonic Complexities


It’s not often that two of the shortest players in the NBA are put together for a comparison. With Derrick Rose out until 2013, the Bench Mob gone and the season looking like nothing but a dreary, cold, winter night the inevitable KryptoNate vs. Luke Skywalker debates might provide a bit of  light at the end of the tunnel. There will be three different criteria extrapolated in today’s comparison: cheerleading ability, chances of having the Napoleon Complex on the court… Continue reading »

Bustin’ My Bulls: Jerry Reinsdorf and Bulls Fans

jerry reinsdorf

It’s been an exhausting, depressing off-season if you’re a Bulls fan. As if watching the bench mob deteriorate and watching the under qualified replacements sign their contracts wasn’t enough, hearing fans genuinely trying to put a “spin” on this famine of a summer has me perplexed… even the smallest bits of acceptance are making me nervous. Have Bulls fans had to endure Jerry Reisndorf’s reign of terror for so long that they are now thinking like him. I’m tired of… Continue reading »

Oklahoma City Thunder 2012-2013 Schedule – Key Games

As we all wait until the first tip-off of the season, let’s look at the marquee matchups of the season for the Thunder. Of course all 82 games are important, but some of them are more intriguing… they’re “must-watch” games. With the Thunder winning the Western Conference last year and getting to the NBA Finals, teams are going to play them like it’s a game 7 finals game. In other words, they’re going to play with a lot of fire. Oklahoma City will play 25 national TV games this year with 10 on ESPN, 10 on TNT and 5 on ABC. Here are the BIG games next year.


Thursday Nov 1 @ San Antonio: To start off the year, the Thunder will play in the arena, where in Game 5, Harden hit that three to close the game out. This game will be bigger for the Spurs, as it a chance for redemption and revenge on the Thunder. Let me ask you this: If you lost four straight games to get knocked out of the playoffs, wouldn’t you be mad?


Friday Nov 23 @ Boston: Okay, this is my favorite game. May not be yours. This is Russell Westbrook’s home. He dominates at the TD Garden. Does anyone else remember his 26 points and crazy three? To me, this is always the most fun game in the year. Plus, I’ll be there watching.


Tuesday Dec 4 @Brooklyn: December 4th, Jay-Z’s birthday, marks the first time the Thunder will play in the new Barclay Center and say Hello to Brooklyn. New city, new team and the first time Westbrook and Harden get a chance to play, “the best backcourt in the league.” And, yes, I put that in quotes for a reason.


Tuesday Dec 25 @ Miami: The biggest regular season game of the year. I actually can’t wait. I still remember sitting in my seat watching Heat fans celebrate in Game 5. I hope the Thunder win by 30. Really do.

Friday Jan 11 @ L.A. Lakers: Whenever you play in the Staples Center on national TV, it’s a big game. Especially with the new-look Lakers and Steve Nash. This will be second time they play the Lakers, after their matchup at home on December 7th.  Anyhow, the last time the Thunder played in the Staples Center was when KD did this.


Sunday Jan 13 @ Portland: Not really an intriguing game, but it is for me. Just because I am a big Damian Lillard fan, and this is the first chance for the Thunder to play him on the road. I cant wait for the Lillard and Westbrook matchup. The Rose Bowl is always electric, so it’s bound to be a good game.


Sunday Feb 24 Chicago: Derrick Rose should be back for this game. My dad and I always have discussions on who’s better, Rose or Westbrook? So, I guess we’ll get a chance to find out. Anyhow, last time the Bulls came to Oklahoma City, the Thunder beat them by 14 and Westbrook had this nasty dunk over Omer Asik.


Thursday March 7 @ New York:Madison Square Garden. Melo vs. Durant. I’ll be there. It’s a huge game.


Friday Jan 18 @ Dallas: I don’t know why, but for some reason I love watching the Thunder play in that American Airlines Areana. I find it fun, for some odd season. Maybe it will give me memories of when Harden did this?