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NBA Finals: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Miami Heat Game 5 Recap

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Its something that will be in my head all summer and for years and years to come. I was sitting in the American Airlines Arena wearing my Thunder gear, and left and right Heat fans were jumping around and going nuts. The clock was winding down; 3…2…1. The Miami Heat won the 2012 NBA championship. In the years to come, hopefully, it is the other way around. Maybe next year, Durant and Westbrook will be crying and hugging each other… Continue reading »

NBA Finals: Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma Thunder Game 4 Recap

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When Russell Westbrook fouled Mario Chamlers with a little under one minute to go, I just stood there, and my mouth dropped wide open. I was shell-shocked. Totally speechless. How could he do that? I felt so bad for Russell at the moment. The guy had 43 points, 5 assists, and 7 rebounds. He was outstanding. Russell shut all the critics up with his terrific play. However, some will look back on tonight, and blame Game 4 of the NBA… Continue reading »

NBA Finals: Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma Thunder Game 1 Recap


You could see it coming. When the Thunder were down seven going into half, I was saying,”This game is far from over.” This whole year, Oklahoma City showed that they are a resilient team, with lots of heart. Game 6 against San Antonio was extremely similar to tonight. In Game 6 and tonight, the Thunder didn’t play well in the first half, but came out with incredible intensity  which sparked a big run to win the game. It’s almost as if… Continue reading »

San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Game 6 Recap

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Oh my god. I am speechless. How should I put this? I guess I should just get to the point. The Oklahoma City Thunder are going to the 2012 NBA Finals. There you have it. The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the San Antonio Spurs,107-99, to win the series 4-2 and advance to the 2012 NBA Finals. Yes, the Thunder were down 14 after one-quarter, 34-20. Embarrassing. No other word to describe this quarter for the Thunder. Absolutely embarrassing. After one,… Continue reading »

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Game 5 Post-Game Report

“Beat LA, Beat LA, Beat LA!”, the crowd yelled in 2010 and before every game this series. Wish granted! The Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 106-90, and won the series 4-1. Wow. Think about when this franchise started. The 29-59 season. Now, look where the Thunder are today. Back to back-to-back Western Conference appearances. Kevin Durant on the organization and the win, “It’s a step in the right direction, the Lakers are an unbelievable organization but tonight we came out… Continue reading »

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Lakers: Game 3 post-game report

Coming into tonight’s game, the Thunder had taken a commanding 2-0 lead in the series but knew the Lakers had a chip on their shoulders and will come out strong on their home court. In game 1, the Thunder dominated with a 29-point blowout, and in game 2 the Lakers played great basketball, but only for 46 minutes. This obviously lead the Lakers to be a little pissed off, and really wanting to come out fire in game 3. The main thing the Lakers did well in game 2… Continue reading »

Bustin’ My Bulls Post-game summary: Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers

After grinding to a game five victory and saving themselves from elimination on Tuesday at the United Center, the Bulls headed to Philadelphia to play yet another do-or-die game. Fortunately, Gibson was able to play despite spraining his ankle and while Noah was listed as available he didn’t contribute. The first quarter opened up with Luol Deng draining a shot from 18 feet at the end of the shot clock. He continued his hot shooting through-out the first quarter until… Continue reading »

Bustin’ My Bulls Post-game summary: Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers

The Bulls, looking at what could be their last game of the season came in to Game 5 with a purpose on the defensive end. Holding Philadelphia to just 26 points at the half on 29% shooting, they grinded their way to an eventual game six in Philly. Lu opened the game with a midrange jumper, scoring the Bulls first four points. An Evan Turner tip in transition put Philly on the board for two, two and a half minutes… Continue reading »

Bustin’ My Bulls Post-game summary: Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks

Fans have been anticipating this match-up since the birth of Linsanity. For weeks, I’ve been looking forward to watching Derrick Rose and Jeremy Lin go at each other. Aside from the emergence of Jeremy Lin, New York vs. Chicago is always a fun match-up. From the opening tip, it looked like Rose was going to take it at Lin all night, but after a few missed calls and a ferocious block by Lin, he was visibly struggling. Usually when Rose… Continue reading »